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Custom Bobbin

2920 Newark Rd
Zanesville, Ohio 43702

As of January 1st, 2017, Custom Bobbin Windings and Custom Coil & Transformer Company combined.    We have transitioned the operations into the Custom Coil & Transformer's facility.  The two companies were originally located next each other physically.   Both companies started in the early sixties. The company philosophy was for conservative expansion with a desire to insure all customer needs would be met to insure total customer satisfaction.   A dedication to producing cost effective, high quality, specialized magnetic components was key to our customer satisfaction.   So today, we are very proud that there are several customers and shared customers that have purchased from us for several decades.   Our focus towards specialty applications where design expertise, high reliability production methods have satisfied the specialty needs of our customer's demanding magnetic applications and modern components.   Custom Bobbin Winding has specialized in fine wire applications, up to 47 gage wire, offering specialty core materials, ferrites and nickel steel and will provide additional capabilities within its new home at Custom Coil & Transformer Company.

We welcome your Custom Bobbin inquiries, please refer to our contact web page.  

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